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QM:Quality Management Representative

QM:Quality Management Representative
Niveau Executive Management
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The quality representative, also referred to as QMB or quality management representative, is the central person and function within a QM system according to ISO 9001.

Functions Competencies Responsibilities
Make sure that the processes required by the standard are implemented and actively applied in the company.
  • Course design
  • Professional selection of the technical QM system (Wiki)
  • Supervision of system and product-related corrective and preventive actions.
Informing the executive management about the "condition" of the QM system and submitting suggestions for improvement.
  • Examination and Release of internal / external quality-relevant documents and briefing of executives about quality-related data and coordination of quality improvement measures.
  • Ensuring the QM verification documentation (records).
Ensuring awareness of customer needs across the organization.
  • Participation in the evaluation of test results and customer surveys.
  • Coordination of the annual audit program, including auditor selection.
  • Planning and evaluation of the internal audits with audit evaluation as well as ensuring the professional exchange with other institutions in the field of quality management.