Absences, milestones, staff presence

Who What When Status
QW Outbound customer appointments Mon - Wed
all Staff meeting Thu

Main focus

Who What When Status
QW Service contract negotiations
OM Scheduling webinars


Company situation / KPIs / Reports

Department What Evaluation / Action
Product development
  • Tickets (check, planning, implementation/all)
    • Legacy Patch: XX/XX
    • Current Patch: XX/XX
    • Next minor: XX/XX
    • Next Major: XX/XX
  • Review queue (gerrit/gitlab): high|moderate|low/high|moderate|low
Project management
  • Billable time in support: xxh
  • Active customers this week: 10
  • Orders: XX
  • Offers: XX
  • Leads: XX
  • Planned invoice amount (Mon): EUR
  • Invoice amount (Fr): EUR
  • Invoice total from new orders: EUR


Finances and billing

Who What When Status
MP Quarterly settlement partner

Marketing and Sales

Who What When Status
VE Prepare new blog posts
VE Apporval of the cloud landingpages

Projects, Service and Support

Who What When Status

Product development

Who What When Status
CT Patch release

Technology and Infrastructure

Who What When Status

Internal organization

Who What When Status
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