Creating a Page

To create new pages in a wiki, there are several possibilities in BlueSpice, but also in MediaWiki: Via the search, the URL, a Redlink or the input box.


Why the search? If there is a separate input field for creating a new page, many users confuse this with a search field. Especially if it is integrated into the normal design. As a result, many articles are created as "proposed / desired articles," even though they were really just search queries. This explains the integration of the page creation into the search.

Advantage: If the function for creating new pages is integrated into the search, users will be forced to check whether the article with this name already exists — thus avoiding duplicate content as far as possible.

The option "Create page" appears below the results list in the title search.

Creating a page through the title search box

This option is also available in the advanced search as a simple text link.

Disadvantage: This feature is somewhat hidden - especially wiki beginners do not know right away where to look for the "create pages" function.


Creating a page through the URL is a quick and easy way, but should be preceded by a search. Simply replace the last word in the URL with a new one and press the Enter key. This takes you to the page you want to create.

Advantage: This procedure is fast and is ideal for Wikigärtner who have a good overview of existing content. You can always use it if one of the other ways does not work - an ideal workaround.

Disadvantage: It may lead to not checking beforehand whether this or similar content already exists under a slightly different title, e.g. "Travel costs" vs. "Travel Expenses". Duplicates become more likely.


A redlink is a link that has been placed on a page whose target page does not yet exist. If you click on a redlink in reading mode, you will be promptly asked to create this page.

A Redlink on a page

Advantage: A connection is created upfront to already existing content. This means that the content is later found more easily and gains in importance through interlinking. In addition, the proposed page is kept in a separate list; For example, you can refer to it on portal pages and offer users this list as an indication that "if you know something about it and want to contribute, then start writing here". Like in a portal of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia portal with desired articles (missing articles)

Disadvantage: There is no check if a similar article already exists. If you create the redlink yourself, and afterwards also create the page, then this is the most cumbersome way.


Using the special function "Inputbox" in MediaWiki and BlueSpice have a special function called "Inputbox" which allows page creation using custom fields. These fields can be included on portal pages to encourage users to engage in a specific topic and immediately create a new page.

Creating a page with a predefined name (e.g. minutes page) via the input box

Advantage: The input boxes can be preconfigured. For example, in meeting minutes you can automatically include the namespace and the current date in the article title right from the beginning. So the user does not have to worry about that and wiki gardeners have less maintenance work.

Disadvantage: The input boxes are often somewhat hidden and leave limit free editing. This scares off some users.

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